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Large fleet of Potain luffing jib cranes selected for innovative skyscraper in Bangkok

  • Developer and contractor Thai Obayashi Construction is using 11 Potain tower cranes on a new, large-scale, mixed-use building project. 
  • They include two new MCR 295 cranes purchased specifically for the project. They were selected for their versatility and high lifting capabilities.
  • All the cranes were either purchased or leased from SB Siam, Potain dealer for Thailand.
Enlarge image
Large fleet of Potain luffing jib cranes selected for innovative skyscraper in Bangkok (image 1)
Enlarge image
Large fleet of Potain luffing jib cranes selected for innovative skyscraper in Bangkok (image 2)

Thai contractor Thai Obayashi has 11 Potain tower cranes working on Cloud 11, a mixed-use building project in Bangkok. The building will be Asia’s largest hub for content creators and is being developed by property developer MQDC. The large-scale, mixed-use project has already garnered four international design awards and will be home to Thailand’s first YOTEL hotel. 

Thai Obayashi purchased two new cranes for the project, both MCR 295 H25 luffing jib cranes. These are configured with 60 m jib lengths and can lift a maximum of 25 t.  The remaining nine cranes were rented from Thai Potain dealer SB Siam. Work on the project is scheduled to continue until the end of 2024. 

The rented cranes are a mix of MCH 125 and MCH 175 topless hydraulic luffing jib tower cranes as well as four other luffing jib tower cranes. Each crane was selected to match the constraints of the congested jobsite and provide productive lifting support across the whole development. 

“We are pleased to have this large collection of Potain cranes leading the lifting work on a major new development in Bangkok. And we’re excited about our acquisition of the two MCR 295 H25 cranes. Their impressive capacity, ease of assembly, and adaptability make them the perfect choice for this complex project, and future ones. We are confident in all the cranes’ ability to drive this project to a timely and successful completion,” said Noppadol Khomthaworn, senior chief of the civil engineering construction department at Thai Obayashi. 

The Potain MCR 295 offers strong load charts and rapid setup capabilities. The crane is available in two versions – H16 and H25 - with maximum capacities of 16 t and 25 t respectively. There is also a 20 t capacity MCR 295 A. Maximum jib length for each version is 60 m and the Potain MCR 295 H25 can lift 2.45 t at its tip. 

Thai Obayashi was founded in 1974 and is a subsidiary of the major global Japanese contracting giant Obayashi Corporation. Its projects in Thailand include factories for global brands such as Toyota, Canon, and Isuzu and notable Bangkok landmarks such as the KingBridge Tower and the One Bangkok O2 building. 

Bangkok-based SB Siam is the exclusive dealer for Potain in Thailand and offers full sales and support across the country as well as operating its own rental fleet. 


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