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Potain has led the world in tower crane and self-erecting crane production since 1928


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   EN 14439 C25-D25
   EN 14439 C50-D50
   FEM 1001


Potain tower cranes are known around the world for their lifting power, reliability and innovative designs. Potain builds more than 60 types of tower cranes to fit a wide variety of job sites: high capacity top slewing cranes on infrastructure jobs, luffing jib cranes that construct “supertall” skyscrapers, topless cranes reshaping our urban environment and Hup self-erecting cranes transforming residential construction. Known for their ease of use, efficient transport and quick erection times, there are many reasons why Potain tower cranes dot skylines across the globe.

Self-Erecting Cranes

Fast, agile and easy to operate, the self-erecting cranes are especially suited for small constructions sites. The Potain self-erecting cranes ranges are the most innovative to make transport, accessibility, erection, dismantling and servicing the most efficient ever for the user. With the widest range on the market, the Potain self-erecting cranes include the Hup, Hup M, Igo, Igo M and Igo T ranges.


Top-Slewing Cranes

Top-Slewing cranes are the large construction sites most strategic equipment for productivity. Whether on large infrastructure, high rise jobsites, crowded urban areas or wide open sites, they make it possible to hoist and distribute loads high and far. The Potain brand is a global leader with its multiple ranges of topless cranes, luffing jib cranes and large hammerhead cranes that can also be customized to match special applications.


    The Potain Evy 30-23 4 t is the first crane from the new Evy range. The crane is ideal for building construction up to 3 floors and is EN 14439 compliant.


    Our cranes become a connected and sustainable lifting solution.

    Our vision with Grove and Potain cranes is to secure, simplify, and positively transform the user experience of lifting professionals through a connected and sustainable lifting solution.

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